What reminds me of Horror Hotel

by The Acolyte/Blaise Bienvenue

There was a thick fog in the neighborhood where I work last night. When I walked out of the building and saw it, I was afraid my commute would be nerve-wracking and dangerous, but it turned out that driving while enveloped on all sides by a white shapeless substance that is soft in appearance created an illusion of safety and utter isolation that I found soothing and healing. It also triggered memories of Horror Hotel (aka City of the Dead), the excellent 1960 witch’s revenge thriller with Christopher Lee set in New England and shot in black and white.

horror hotel 01

It is one of the best films Lee did outside of Hammer, very atmospheric. There are scenes of characters driving on isolated, wooded roads that were brought to mind by my commute. After arriving home and putting my girlfriend to sleep, I found the film free on Amazon (have my own VHS copy but the VHS player is not in the living room where it is warmer and more comfortable and I also opted for the slight convenience of not having to lift the tape) and started to watch, but promptly fell asleep. Not a bad lullaby, anyway.

– The Acolyte